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When literature classes and reading groups are cancelled, when you are spending more and more time at home (rightly so),when you have more time than you ever expected, you could in fact spend the time you have more enjoyably and productively than reading mainly about the havoc the virus is causing around in the world. One of the many ways of doing it would be to read - to read classics, to reread old favourites, to read books that you have always wanted to read, and to read books that demand more of your attention and time than most other books! Ulysses by James Joyce is a book that certainly belongs to the last two categories!
Think of a book that offers glimpses into Joyce's masterpiece and inspires you to venture into reading the original. Ulysses for the Uninitiated is such a book! Learn below what this multimedia book offers and where to get a copy of the same. But more importantly, stay safe, stay healthy!


James Joyce’s Ulysses is a wonderful work of literary art. Reading the novel is truly a life-enriching experience. The more one knows about history - both political and literary histories of Ireland & the world -, about literature in general, about religion (especially, but not only, Catholicism) the more one enjoys and appreciates what Joyce has created in Ulysses. Furthermore, Joyce’s style of writing in this novel is very special indeed. 
All these factors make Ulysses very extraordinary and understanding it really tricky. I hope that this  multimedia book, Ulysses for the Uninitiated, helps those readers, who are intimidated by Joyce's masterpiece, enjoy reading the book.

My thanks go to Fritz Senn, who, by facilitating the reading groups on the works of James Joyce at the Zurich James Joyce Foundation, opened up a new literary world for me. Till I went to the reading group on Ulysses the book was a totally impenetrable work for me. Fritz Senn showed me - and others at the reading group - how utterly enjoyable the work is, how rich the experience of reading it can be. Fritz Senn also inspired Catherine Meyer to create watercolours and make sketches based on what was being covered in the reading sessions. This eBook is undoubtedly richer because of her work. 

Heartfelt thanks also to various people* who gave their permission to reproduce some important photographs, as well as to the multitude of photographers who have made their work available freely in public domain and made them accessible on Wikipedia. (*Details are given in the appendix section of the book.)
This work is dedicated to Fritz Senn with my/our deepest thanks!
Chandra Holm
January 2020


  • Extensive reference to the Gabler critical edition of Ulysses
  • Links to 38 YouTube videos that include Irish ballads and folksongs, Arie from well known operas, and readings
  • 56 watercolour paintings / sketches by Catherine Meyer
  • 14 original photographs of Dublin by Chandra Holm
  • 10 reproduction-photographs of items belonging to the Zurich James Joyce Foundation Holdings
  • Reproductions* of photographs belonging to the National Library of Ireland, Special Collections Research Centre at the Morris Library of Southern Illinois University 
  • & plenty more illustrations
* Reproduced under special permission


Click here to read more about the episodes!


* I like ...
… how you recreate the experience of a first-time reader
… your choice of images (e.g. Catherine’s paintings, which show inspiration taken from Joyce; other images you use to explain or illustrate a point)
… the focus on details to illustrate something about the episode (e.g. details about Mulligan, Stephen and Haines, and many others)
… your choice of quotations
… your use of secondary material (biography, letters, Gifford’s notes etc.)
… your pointing out the themes that will turn up again later in the book, the fact that some issues will become clear only in time (others not at all), the need for readers to be patient and to be able to wait
… your pointing out the visuality of episode 3 (Proteus), as well as Stephen’s experimenting with words and sounds
… how you reveal things only when it is time to do so (e.g. when we realise it is June 16)
… how diligently you give references to episode + line number in the appendix
Sabrina Alonso

* I have looked at the preview and it is wonderful what you have done. I particularly enjoyed the add-ons eg Ned Grogan, and Judy Dench as Lady Hamlet. . . . This is a wonderful new resource, I love it!
Aida Yared


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Date of publication: 1 February 2020
Language: English
Number of pages: 306
ISBN: 978-3-033-07718-8

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